Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: When making a payment to Paypal, I am not transfered to the Paypal site.
    Checking out and payment require that your browser\'s Javascript be turned on. For more information on turning on Javascript please visit this link. Enabling JavaScript

  • Q: I Am Having Trouble Signing Up or paying with
      A: If you experience problems signup up or making payment via paypal, you may visit paypal here and access the online help via their website: Online Help

  • Q: How can I login to my account to view order status or make a payment?
    A: To login in to your account please follow this link, Account Login, and login using your email and password. Here you will be able to view your order(s) status and make a payment.

  • Q: Why are products on Ebay, Amazon, or Bonanza seem to be more expensize than on your ShopBestLove Web site.?
    We offer the same products from our ShopBestlove site at a discounting rate because our fees are lower, we are able to pass this savings on to customers who purchase on ShopBestLove

  • Q: Is the website the same as Yes we own and operate both sites, and both are linked

  • Q: What Browsers Work With ShopBestlove
    The following Browsers work best with ShopBestlove
         Apple's - Safari
  • Q: How Do I Pay?
     A: We Accept Payment via, [ Register With ], or We also accept US Postal Money Orders. All funds must be in US demoninations.

  • Q: How Long Will My Order Take?
     A: Please See Our Policy

  • Q: How Can I Order?
          1. Find an item of interest, and click on the [BUY NOW] button.
          2. To Add More Items To Your Cart Click On [RETURN TO SHOPPING] button
          3. Repeat step 1 thru 2 for each item you want to buy, until you are finnish shopping and satisfied with your selection(s).
          4. When you are satisfied with your cart make sure you have entered a shipping address.       5. Click on one of the "Checkout Payment" option buttons
          6. Complete payment with the secure payment service.

  • Q: How Can I Track My Order, Or View Order Status?
     A: To track you order or see order status use this handy link ( ACCOUNTS ) , then login.

  • Q: I have ordered but did not receive order confirmation?
     A: If you did not received order confirmation, your order did not go thru. Please Email us as soon as possible at ContactUS

  • Q: What is the Approximate Time of Shipping?
     A: Shipping time is normally 5-7 business days for most instock items ( unless otherwise stated on the website ), 3-6 weeks for most out of stock items unless otherwised stated on the website.

  • Q: How Long do Back Ordered Item(s) Take To Ship
     A: Typically Back Orders Can Take An Average of 2-6 weeks To fill for shipping, Certain Items May Take Longer.

  • Q: How Can I return an Item
     A: To return an Item You Must Contact Us Within 30 Days:
    provide your customer# and the Order#, indicate what the problem is. Then We will then send you a confirmation email concerning the order. This Applies To unused unopened Novelty Items. More Details Here

  • Q: How Can I check the status of my order? A: Simply follow this link Order Status and log in.

  • Q: Do I Need To Enable JavaScript?
     A: Yes Our Site does utilize JavaScript. To make your shopping experience more enjoyable Please enable your JavaScript see how here

  • Q: Do I Need To Enable My Cookies?
     A: Yes Our Site Does Use Cookies To Complete Your Order Process, Please enable them. See How

  • Q: Do I Need To Register With Shop.bestlove
     A: No, Registration is Volunteery, However non-registered users will not have access to various features such as "Checkout" and "WishList"

  • Q: What Is Your Built&Finish Policy
     A: Please See Our Policy Here Built & Finished

  • Q: Do you have Wholesale or Bulk sales?
     A: Yes we do, for more infomation click here