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Frogs Hand Painted Limitless Treasures

Two Frogs Boy Girl with Paddle on a Lilly Pad Scene Limitless Treasures

Bear Figurine with Mug

Learning Bear Hand Painted Figurine with Matching Mug

Lighted Hand Painted Flower Shop Scene

Lighted Hand Painted Flower Shop Scene

Ceramic Cats Figurine

2 Cats Ceramic Figurine [3in]

Poodle Ceramic Figurine

Large Crafted Poodle Ceramic Figurine 5in

Poodle Ceramic Figurine

Poodle Ceramic Figurine 3.5in Sitting

Poodle Ceramic Figurine

Ceramic Figurine Poodle 2in all fours

Cat Ceramic Figurine

Cat Ceramic Figurine Cat 3in Standing

Cat and Kitten Figurine

Cat and Kitten Painted Figurine

Puppy and Kitten Figurine

Puppy and Kitten Hand Painted Ceramic Figurine

Ceramic Puppies

Two Puppy dogs Crafted Ceramic

Blond Bow Figurine

Golden Haired Bow Figurine Gold Leaf

Josef Originals Music Box Figurine

Vintage Josef Originals Lady in Green Colonial Outfit Music Box Figurine

Vintage Pink Elephant Figurines

3.5" Vintage Pink Elephant Figurines Art-Ware Japan Set

Blue Bird Wheelbarrow Scene Figurine

Bird and Wheel Barrel figure garden scene Limitless Treasures

Birds in Garden Figurine

Birds on an apple tree in a garden scene Figurine

Noah's Ark Figurine

Noah's Ark with Animals Hand Painted Figurine

Bear with Honeypot Figurine

Honey Bear Figure Hand Painted Limitless Treasures

Light House Figurine

Light House Scene Figurine Limitless Treasures

Dog and Squirrel Figurine

Dog and Squirel Scene - Hand Painted Figurine

Mother And Baby Deer Scene

Mother And Baby Deer As Rest Garden Scene - Hand Painted

Two Puppy Play Scene

Two Puppy Play Scene Figures With Music Box - Hand Painted

Two Kitty Play Scene

Two Kitty Play Scene With Music Box

Mother And Baby Wolf

Mother And Baby Wolf Scene - Hand Painted

The Chess Set of The Gods Zeus The King and Pawn

The Franklin Mint The Chess Set of The Gods Zeus The King and Pawn