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JavaScript Cookbook - Yosef Cohen - 1st Edition - 1997 - Paperback - Wiley

JavaScript Cookbook
by Yosef Cohen
Everything you need to program JavaScript

Everything you need to master the fundamentals of JavaScript programming is in this book/CD-ROM package. You can use our powerful JavaScript templates to give your Web site some of the most popular features right away! Just pop in the enclosed CD-ROM and you can add games, custom forms, animation, shopping carts, and all sorts of exciting elements to your Web site. You even get an application that lets you build a complete and running Internet store that can gather user information without relying on Internet server processing.

With this book/CD-ROM package, you can do all of this (and much more) without one day of programming experience! If you're a more experienced programmer, this package will make the transition to JavaScript a smooth one. You'll get:
* A complete introduction and tutorial for JavaScript
* Information on installing JavaScript applications, how they work, and how to customize them
* A total JavaScript quick reference
* Advice on where to find JavaScript resources on the Internet

A special easy-to-use reference section offers detailed analysis and examples of objects, properties, event handlers, and statements. You'll also find all the latest information relevant to JavaScript programming since the advent of Navigator 2.0.

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