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Linux DNS Server Administration (Craig Hunt Linux Library) - Craig Hunt - 2000 - Paperback - Sybex

Linux DNS Server Administration (Craig Hunt Linux Library)
by Craig Hunt

* Perform Advanced Configuration Tasks
* Clear, In-Depth Coverage of Every Aspect of the Domain Name System
* Master the Features of BIND 8 -- and Look Ahead to the Forthcoming BIND 9
* Look for Other Titles in the Craig Hunt Linux Library from Sybex

Answers to all your DNS questions -- written specifically for Linux administrators
Linux DNS Server Administration is the most complete, most advanced guide to DNS for Linux you'll find anywhere. Written by a leading Linux expert, this book teaches you, step-by-step, all the standard and advanced techniques you need to know to configure and maintain a DNS server on a Linux box. Hundreds of clear, consistent examples illustrate these techniques in detail -- so you stay on track and accomplish all your goals. Coverage includes:

* Understanding DNS architecture
* Understanding the protocols and messages used by DNS clients and servers
* Downloading, compiling, and installing BIND
* Configuring the resolver using the resolve.conf file and environment variables
* Setting the order of resolver queries
* Configuring the named.conf file for caching, slave, and master name servers
* Creating a domain database file and a reverse domain database file
* Creating delegated and non-delegated subdomains for your domain and reverse domain
* Securing a Linux DNS server with wrapper and ipchains
* Understanding and deploying DNSSEC protocols
* Testing DNS with host, dig, and nslookup
* Using the, named_dump.db, and named.stats files to monitor your server
* Customizing BIND logging

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