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Vampirella Revelations #0 - Exclusive Behind Revelations paperback - Kathleen Samuelson - 1997 - Paperback - Fancy Publications Inc.

Vampirella Revelations #0 - Exclusive Behind Revelations paperback

Exclusive Behind Revelations Mike Carey - One of Modern Comics' Master Storytellers speak on his revitalization of Vampirella and where he's taking Her.

Exclusive Behind Revelations Mike Lilly - Mike Carey;s script called for alternate visions of Vampi, playing off Urban Legends about her. Lilly used his complete bag of trivks to get the job done.

Exclusive Behind Revelations Jay Faerber- One of the mavericks of indie comics brings an old friend of Vampi's back into the fold

Exclusive Behind Revelations John Rozem - One of comics' great, unherelded writers is set to make A big impact on the world of Vampirella

Cover Revelations - A sneak preview of the covers for Vampirella Revelations #1 by two of the greatest artists in her illustrious history

"Out There" - She stands at the crossroads of sex and death, pleasure and pain.

Vampirella Witchblade: The Feast - Coming this October

Vampirella Revelations #1 - On sale this November

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