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Advanced graphics in C - Programming and Techniques - Nelson Johnson - 1987 - Paperback - Osborne / McGraw Hill

Add graphics to your C programs, and you’ll add significant capabilities to your software.
With Advanced Graphics in C you'll be able to write graphics programs for the IBM, EGA (Enhanced Graphics Adaptor), the de facto standard for high-quality graphics programming on the IBM PC.
Advanced Graphics in C offers a special graphics program, called GRAPHIQ, that provides a complete toolkit of all the routines you’ll need for graphics operations.
Johnson shows you how to use GRAPHIQ to implement or adapt graphics in your C programs.
Advanced Graphics in C also provides
A special appendix that includes the code for GRAPHIQ, a complete graphics program with a rotatable and scalable character set. Full of tools not available elsewhere. A comparable package would cost you more than $1000.
An entire stroke/front character set Code for the AT&T Image Capture Board
Information on serial and parallel interfacing to mice, light pens, and digitizers With Advanced Graphics in C, you’ll learn state-of-the-art techinques from Johnson so that you can easily create the graphics you need.
Nelson Johnson is the founder and president of Imagimedia Technologies, Inc., a research and development firm that also provides consulting services. Johnson wrote MicroCAD,u, the first Computer Aided Design (CAD) system to be introduced for the IBM PC. He has also written IMIX’", imaging software using AT&T’s Truevision® hardware. A registered architect and professional engineer, Johnson has written articles for PC World, Design News, and Architectural Technology. He is a worldwide lecturer and seminar leader.
IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp.
IMIX and MicroCAD are trademarks of Imagimedia Technologies, Inc.
Truevision is a registered trademark of American Telephone and Telegraph.

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