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Using ActiveX The Most Complete Reference - Brian Farrar - Special Edition - 1996 - Paperback - Que

Que's Special Edition Using ActiveX Is the only resource you'll need to master the new Internet control standard, ActiveX. This task-oriented guide shows you how to take advantage of ActiveX technology with various programming environments, including Visual Basic, ISAPI, and CGI.
Que's expert author guides you through detailed explanations that demonstrate how to leverage ActiveX technologies and create exciting and dynamic Internet controls. There is exhaustive coverage of the new ActiveX Control Pad and HTML layout tools with real-world examples and tips for maximum effectiveness. You'll learn the differences between ActiveX and the current OCX standard. Step by step example!; Show you how to apply key ideas to real world applications. Grasp the ins and outs of the ActiveX Control Pad and begin designing impressive documents with ActiveX Controls and VBScript.

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