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AppleScript The Definitive Guide - Matt NeuBurg - 1st Edition - 2004 - Paperback - OReilly

If you want to know all about AppleScript the how, where, and why of using i dig into AppleScript: The Definitive Guide. It doesn't make the mistake that other books do: it isn't about scripting this or that particular application, and it doesn't assume that learning AppleScript is easy or obvious. Instead, the book teaches and documents the language in a clear and rigorous manner, just as you'd expect with any programming or scripting language.
The book covers AppleScript 1.9-2 and the new Script Editor, released as part of the new version of Mac OS X Panther. Experienced AppleScripters will love having the most definitive, up to date AppleScript language reference available.
Not since Danny Goodman's classic AppleScript book has a more complete tome on the language been published.

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