Mini Mate 80GB USB 2, FireWire,

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Mini Mate 80GB USB 2, FireWire, Bootable, For Windows/Mac

The Mini Mate By MicroNet. Simular in size and appearance to the Mini MAC. This one has a 80GB Hard drive installed. This little hard drive enclouse can work wonders. It has 3 USB 2 Output Ports, 3 Firewire Output Ports, One USB 2 Slave Port to act as a slave to another system. or may act as a boot drive for MAC, inaddition it can double as a USB/FireWire Hub to a host system. The possibilities are endless. Will work with windows or Mac File systems.

Ships with an 80GB hard drive and Partioned for NTFS Windows.
Hard Drive maybe upgraded by qualified personel.
The type of partition depends on the OS system in use.
Includes USB 2 cable, Firewire 400 Cable, Power Adaptor, CD for Windows USB drivers, and quick start guide.

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