SMC SMCSM01-Z Wireless Smoke Alarm



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SMC SMCSM01-Z Wireless Smoke Alarm

The SMCSM01-Z Smoke Sensor is a low-profile wireless smoke detector designed to provide reliable smoke or fire detection. The SMCSM01-Z is ideal for difficult-to-wire residential or commercial applications. Wireless capabilities may vary from service to service.

The 5MCSM01-Z specifications are:
- Voltage: 3VDC
> Battery typel 3V Lithium, CR123A
< Sensitivity 2.25 % 1.35%
- Drift compensation adjustment 0.5%/ft. max
< Operating temperature: 40 to 100' F (4.4" and 37.8 C) <- Compatible control panel: RB5701-Z SMA Gateway
The SMCSM01 -Z specifications heat alarm specifications are: * Rate-of-rise: 15T/min >105'F (8.3'C/min > 40.6'C)
- Fixed: 135 F 5 F (57.2 C 2.8 C)

Note: Constant exposures to high or low temperatures or high humidity may reduce battery life.

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