Jeepers Creepers & Jeepers Creepers 2

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Jeepers Creepers & Jeepers Creepers 2 Double Feature (2- DVD Set)

* Actors: Gina Philips, Justin Long, Jonathan Breck, Eileen Brennan, Ray Wise
* Director: Victor Salva
* Producers: Frances Ford Coppola
* Format: Widescreen, Full Screen, Closed-captioned, NTSC, Dolby
* Language: English, French, Spanish
* Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
* Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.)
* Number of discs: 2
* Rated: R (Restricted)
* Studio: MGM
* Run Time: 194 minutes

Condition: Used, Unsealed

Jeepers Creepers Double Feature 2-DVD Set
Maximum Movie Experience

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

On their way back home during the spring break, Darry and Patricia Jenner witness a mysterious person dumping something down a tunnel. Deciding to discover what was dumped down there, Darry discovers a huge disturbing hideout full of modified bodies. Darry and Patricia set off to get help, unaware that the individual is now aware of who has been down the tunnel. Darry and Patricia soon realizes that their pursuer is not just a mysterious person, but something even more horrifying, who has more in store than they could possibly imagine.

Jeepers Creepers 2 (Special Edition) (2003)

Returning home from a championship game, a group of varsity basketball players, cheerleaders and coaches become stranded on the infamous East 9 Highway - only it's the cunning Creeper who has actually crippled their bus. As its 23 horrifying days of flesheating come to an end, the Creeper has embarked on its final voracious feeding frenzy in Poho County. As night falls, the terrified group of young athletes must fight their own fears and prejudices and come together in a seemingly hopeless struggle against a winged nightmare, hellbent on stockpiling as many victims as it can on the ultimate night of its grisly ritual feast.

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